The Priority Concept

If Priority is rank of importance.

Stands to question then, can a thing or a person be important but not be a priority? I don’t think so. 

Subconsciously,  I think we’re always ranking people and things, and some times our priorities are out of order. What have you given time to that has not been profitable, and who have you given precious time to that has not reciprocated?

Previously I’ve invested a lot of time and effort on ventures personal and professional  that didn’t pan out, that’s okay, mistakes are inevitable, but lost time is a hard task master, and it (time) just can’t be replaced.

I try not to make a habit of  crying over spilled milk but I am reassessing, and  counting the cost.  I think everyone should do that periodically, that being said, time is a Commodity, and I am no longer willing or able to squander it.